Reducing Eye Strain With f.lux

I just discovered f.lux. I’ve only been using it for a day or so, but it’s definitely staying on my menu bar.

f.lux is a really simple solution to a big problem. The problem is that computer displays are incredibly hard on your eyes late at night. I’m sure you’ve experienced this if you use your computer more than a few hours a day.

The answer is to automatically adjust the color temperature of your display based on time of day and type of lighting. Computer displays generally emulate daylight - that’s fine during the day, but at night you want something closer to artificial light. At night, your display should have a warmer hue with less blue in it.

f.lux does all of this for you, and it even detects your geographical location to know when sunset is. At first, the warmer light from the display looks pink or red because there is less blue light but I was used to it after a few minutes. Now it hurts my eyes to go back!

Using Multiple Accounts With Harvest for Mac

I need to track time on two different Harvest accounts. Harvest for Mac only allows for one account, so I made a bash script to switch between multiple .plist files.

Save a .plist configuration under account_name:

harvest new account_name

Launch with a specific .plist:

harvest account_name

Check it out, there’s more info in the readme:

Haven’t used Harvest? Feel free to use my referral link.

The Space Shuttle Enterprise Is Finally Home

The Space Shuttle Enterprise I got some cool shots of the space shuttle coming into Pier 86 yesterday afternoon. It’s now safely resting at its new home, the Intrepid Museum, with barely a scratch. Check out the Flickr set.

A Toggle Switch for Rapportive

After watching my unread email count in Gmail climb into the thousands for far too long, I finally went back to inbox zero. I’d encourage you to do the same, unless you actually plan on reading all those messages whose subject lines you skimmed and decided not to open. (good luck with that)

After archiving all those messages, I started looking for more ways to make my email more usable. I started by revisiting the Labs features within Gmail and ended up enabling a few of them. Some of my favorites that significantly improve Gmail’s interface:

  • Unread message icon
  • Send & Archive
  • Right-side chat
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