Aux and Bluetooth Retrofit for 7th Gen Civic

A month ago I bought a 2005 Honda Civic to get around the bay area and take some road trips. So far it’s taken me many miles with no issue – last week I drove from SF to LA via 101 on a single tank of gas (36 mpg).

A good soundtrack and/or audiobook is vital to the roadtrip experience and I decided that the built in CD player and FM receiver just wouldn’t cut it. I went the aftermarket head unit route with my last car and although it worked ok, I was disappointed with the gaudy appearance and poor UX. Aftermarket stereos are also known for attracting window smashers. Several years later and I still don’t know of an aftermarket car stereo that’s much better than the one I had.

Here’s how I retrofitted an auxiliary input and bluetooth module without replacing the stock head unit.


You might also want to pick up some RCA cables or plastic pry tools depending on what you already have lying around.


  1. Install the aux adapter
  2. Remove the leftmost plastic Honda panel piece to fit the bluetooth module
  3. Drill two holes in one of the panel pieces to fit the jack and switch
  4. Solder the panel mount jack to the other end of an RCA cable
    • Panel mount 3.5mm to stereo RCA
  5. I had to remove the plastic casing from the switch to get it to fit
    • Pliers to the rescue
    • It fits!
    • Don't forget the tape
  6. Solder some leads to the rear of the cigarette lighter to provide power to the bluetooth module
    • Does the job but could be cleaner
  7. The 12V adapter doubles as a USB charger so I ran an extension cable under the steering column to my iPhone mount
    • Any old cable should work
    • Ready to charge